About Blue Ghost

     I started my first web page sometime around 1997, when I took an internet class while in school.  They didn't really teach anything beyond the very basic of HTML.  The web page was nothing more than a glorified report in HTML format.  Of course I took what little knowledge I had and decided to give self study a try, and created my first actual web page that was online.  I used the Geocities free account to host a basic 'personal' web page, where I just added images, art, midi music and general experimentation. 

     I decided I needed to become a bit more advanced and wanted to create something that wasn't so shabby.  Again, I did a bit of self study and experimentation with some more advanced stuff than what I had known; like image roll overs, javascripting, frames etc.  This is when I decided to call myself Blue Ghost and created 'The Blue Ghost Page'.  Of course it is no longer available for your viewing pleasure, now that Yahoo! has decided to do away with Geocities. 

     I added my web site to the Anipike link directory so that people could search for it and joined the Anipike forums at the same time.  This also was the first online community that I joined.  On the forums, I used to post in the website help area and as I wanted to get better with my web programming skills, a newly made friend had challenged me to recode my current web page from the html transitional format to xhtml strict.  I, of course, succeeded in doing so and tried to make sure that any of the code I wrote from then on was valid mark up. 

     Also during my early time in the Anipike community, I became well known on the forums and even in the Anipike chat room.  I had decided to start writing reviews due to a friend suggesting I give it a try.  Even though I hated writing up reports in school, it seems that I enjoyed writing what I thought and rating the different anime and games that I watched and play and stuck with it.  I was also aloud to become a channel operator for the chat and even a moderator for the forum.  After a while when the need came up, I was asked to help out more with the Anipike magazine and I have been running it since.  Later on I was promoted from a moderator to a super moderator and then later promoted to Administrator of not only the forum but the entire site. 

     A friend, whom I helped out by hosting a web site, wrote up an editorial over the history of Anipike, and even interviewed the staff of old and new.  You can find this editorial at Comipress's Backstage.  Currently, I still perform my duties at Anipike, as well as host my own web sites.  I still continually try to improve in everything I do, online and offline.