The History of Blue Ghost Anime

     Blue Ghost Anime evolved from a personal site that I started with an old Geocities account called 'The Blue Ghost Page'.  I used the website so that I could display some of my drawings and  artwork.  Once I got the money together, I got the domain and started hosting ad free and with much more space and bandwidth than ever before.  I of course used the old Geocities account to redirect, until Yahoo decided to do away with Geocities altogether.

     I found the ease of using a content management systems and content management frameworks, and started to use them instead of writing all the code myself.  This certainly has made things a lot easier.  I also started to write reviews for Anipike's monthly magazine, and decided to post the reviews up on my site as well.  'The Blue Ghost Page' then turned into Blue Ghost Anime!!  

Along with the reviews, I also host some user submitted fan works, avatars and reviews.  Blue Ghost Anime has also helped out a few friends with their sites and hosting.  One such is now known as ComiPedia, a manga magazine guide.  I plan to continue working and growing Blue Ghost Anime for as long as I am able.  Hopefully you have and will continue to enjoy my web site!