Alien Nine

Alien Nine
Central Park Media
US Media Corps
Approx: 100 min.


In the number nine elementary school, a young girl, Yuri is voted from her class to join the Alien Party. The Alien Party are a group of kids from the school who protects the other students from invading aliens that happen to land in the school grounds. In order for them to complete their task, they need symbiotic aliens who sit on their heads like a helmet. Unfortunately for Yuri, she is afraid of aliens and just about anything remotely spooky. Will Yuri fit in and will she be able to protect her fellow students?


Video: 9


The video quality was great. There were plenty of vibrant colors, interesting character designs, and fluid animation. The backgrounds were pretty and fairly detailed.


Sound: 10


Alien Nine’s soundtrack was excellent. Very upbeat music was used in the background to provide an energetic mood throughout show. The English cast sounded great, making Alien Nine enjoyable for those who dislike reading subtitles. The Japanese cast sounded great as well.


Subtitles: 8


The subtitles are yellow with a medium black outline, which makes for easy reading on any background. Not all words or sounds were translated into the subtitles. “Nya!” The dub version didn’t translate over word for word, which is to be expected, but did follow quite true to the storyline.


Overall: 9


At first glance, Alien Nine has quite a fantastical idea for a show. Why would anyone allow elementary students to fight aliens, or even put them in that situation? Alien Nine isn’t real, and is fantasy, so why not? I am quite curious as to why aliens would land in the school grounds only. I am also curious as to the role the Alien Party teacher will play out. The only way to find out is to watch and find out as the story unfolds.

Written by: Blue Ghost