Angel Core

Angel Core (part 1)
Approx: 30 min.


An Angel Core is a powerful crystal, extracted from those who have inherited angel blood. In order to nurture the Angel Core, the girl from which it was extracted has to be pleasured.


DVD Features: Straight to Sex, which takes you directly to the two sex scenes in Angel Core. Trailers, include clips of five different hentai shows. Additional titles, about two screens containing the names of other hentai shows. Bio's, include three character biographies. The photo gallery, which is supposed to include photos of the characters, didn’t work for me. And last but not least, the Bonus footage. The Bonus footage is a 30 minute show containing mostly sex at a school.


Video: 6


The animation was fairly smooth, with well drawn characters. Some of the animation seemed to be a bit repetitive, to extend the scenes.


Sound: 6


The voice actors sounded pretty good during the regular scenes. The sex scenes seemed a bit off compared to other shows of similar type.


Subtitles: 5


The subtitles are a thick white font, with a medium-thick black border. I noticed a few grammatical mistakes, where spacing between words, and even a comma was placed in the wrong spots. Aside the mistakes, I had no problems following along and reading the subtitles.


Overall: 5.6


I did feel a bit uncomfortable watching Angel Core, due to the main character drawn like a small girl. In the character bio’s, it is stated that she is actually 32 years old, and the angel blood had actually stunted her growth. Even so, it just doesn’t feel right. Putting this aside, I didn’t see much story progression during the first episode, until the very end. Definitely not for the kids.

Written by: Blue Ghost