Beast City

Beast City
Anime 18
Approx: 90 minutes


A demon named Karma bestows special abilities to some humans making them his minions. He feeds on endorphins and sends out his minions to collect them. The easiest way to get the endorphins, they rape and torture women then use their newly transformed tongue to collect the endorphins. The only beings capable of defeating Karma are the Draculons. Only three Draculons survives today from total extinction of their race. Two of them go to college by day, and all three hunt demons in their spare time. Karma has learned of their existence through his minions and decides to hunt them for their endorphins!


Special features include: Meet the Characters; a small clip plays along side written text about the selected character. Storyboards; a clip from the show plays, the storyboard for that scene is displayed over it. Art Gallery; multiple pictures of different characters with different scenes are displayed. Japanese Trailer; the name pretty much says it all. Anime Artform; clips of anime are displayed as a narrator explains what anime is, for people new to this form of animation. Lastly we have Sneak Peaks; different trailers for other shows of this genre.


Video: 8


The video picture is a good quality, nice colors and fun character designs.


Sound: 8


The English cast did a good job, making it easier for me to watch, instead of having to read subtitles. They did add words that were not in the Japanese translation, as well as some swearing. The Japanese cast did a great job too of course.


Subtitles: 7


The subtitles were a thin yellow font, with a black outline. I had no trouble reading them during the show.


Overall: 7.7


Beast City had an interesting story, vampires versus demons. There was definitely a lot of comedy and plenty of action. Definitely not a show for children under any circumstances, lots of adult language, nudity, sex and of course fighting.

Written by: Blue Ghost