Best Student Council

Best Student Council
Episodes 1-5
Approx: 125 min.


A young girl, Rino, has lost her mother recently, and has nobody to look out for her. The only friends she has left are Mr. Poppit, a pen pal who has gladly enrolled Rino in the very selective Miyagami Private Academy, and Pucchon, her very special puppet friend that her mother used to control. It seems that Pucchon is no ordinary puppet, because he has a mind of his own! Rino and Pucchon arrive in town, and find the hotel Mr. Poppit has arranged was just burned to the ground!


Now penniless and homeless yet again, Rino finds out that if she joins the Best Student Council, she will obtain free room and board. But just what is the Best Student Council? They are a group of elite students with different abilities whose job is to protect the student body and solve any problems that may arise.


DVD Features: Clean Opening; Clean Closing; Character Art Gallery, different pictures of the characters designs; Credits; Previews, of other ADV titles.


Video: 7


The animation is fairly smooth yet there isn’t a lot of action, you see more stationary scenes with the characters talking and interacting. The artwork is colorful and comedic. The character designs are cute and help to tell them apart from each other, especially since they are all wearing the same school uniforms.


Sound: 9
The English voice cast did a wonderful job of bringing their characters to life, as did the Japanese cast. Their voices certainly helped a lot with the comedic scenes in Best Student Council. The background music and sounds also helped out a lot with setting the mood for the show.


Subtitles: 8


The subtitles are a medium yellow font with a medium thick black outline. The script between the translated subtitles and spoken dialogue are not exact, but only slightly changed keeping with the original meaning. There are two English subtitle options. English dialogue with text translations or Japanese dialogue with English subtitles.


Overall: 8


Best Student Council was a nice upbeat show with quite a bit of humor. It was nice to see the some character development, even though the stories seem random. I was also pleased to see there are 5 episodes on the DVD. Best Student Council is rated TV PG.

Written by: Blue Ghost