Black Jack: Incubation

Black Jack: Incubation
Central Park Media
US Media Corps
Episodes: 5-6
Approx: 99 min.


Black Jack is an excellent doctor, good enough to charge a million dollars. Dr. Black Jack is commissioned by many people, all over the world. The commissions are usually caused by some strange phenomenon that may or may not be explained by science as it is today. Black Jack doesn’t believe in miracles, but only what he can scientifically explain.


Episode 5: Dr. Black Jack decides to take a vacation with his young assistant. On a train ride to their destination, a young man is seemingly shot in the back a few rooms down! Nobody could find a gun, nor did anyone leave the young man’s room! It turns out that the bullet holes just appear suddenly, out of nowhere.


Episode 6: A box arrives in the mail, old and tattered. The box is two years old, filled with old money, a map, and a letter asking for help. Dr. Black Jack decides to help, because the letter states the man’s wife may not survive another day.


The DVD extras include a couple trailers for other Black Jack DVD’s and an art gallery.


Video: 10


The animation seems slightly older than what you would find in the latest shows, but there were some wonderfully drawn scenes, from backgrounds to surgery. Plenty of variety was used for character designs in each episode keeping it fresh.


Sound: 8


A few voices seemed to lack some feeling; otherwise the English track was good. The Dialogue was changed quite a bit, yet the meaning stayed on track. The Japanese track caught what the English side was missing.


Subtitles: 8


The subtitles were a thick yellow font, with a thick black border. A thinner black border would have been better.


Overall: 8.7


Black Jack is quite an interesting show and I wouldn’t mind watching more. I really enjoyed the detail in Black Jack, especially when Dr. Black Jack was performing surgery. I was able to jump right into the show, without having to see the other episodes. It would be nice to see a bit more of a continuing storyline, and not feel somewhat random for each episode.

Written by: Blue Ghost