Blue Remains

Blue Remains
Published by: ARTSMAGICDVD
Medium: DVD
Approx. 77 min.

After a nuclear war, most life on the Earth has died off. The humans are soon to be extinct and their only hope is a single family sent to retrieve the last remaining seeds of life in order to restore the Earth to it's former glory. After the family found the seeds, which seemed to be in space, another war broke out. There was only one place to land their ship, in the ocean. Their only child, Amamiku, they placed her in stasis in order to fulfill the mission when the radiation is at a low enough level to leave the ship.


When she finally wakes, the ships computer, and a helper robot are there to make sure she has the information available to her, and to assist in restoring the Earth. She now has to make it to the sacred place in order to allow the seeds to grow, but now there is another being that stands in her way.



Video: 7

The video for Blue Remains was nice, clear and vivid, as expected for a DVD movie, as well as done in CG. The scenes are well done, and look really great. It seems like they spent more time on the backgrounds than the actual characters. The characters did not seem to move nearly as fluid, and their animation seemed a little jumpy. It would have been nice to see a bit more detail on the hair and body language.


Since the story takes place almost entirely under water, it is imperative to give it's feel. There were bubbles, and the motions of being in water, but it still felt like the characters were moving along a strict path, especially in the chase scenes. There were times that the feeling of being in water was achieved, and looked great. Also there was a nice blue tint during these scenes which complimented them quite well. There were also many other various special effects, sand swirling, explosions, water ripples, ect.


Sound: 7.5

Blue Remains has music throughout most of the story. From suspensful to heavenly themes were used to set appropriate moods. The music was loud enough to hear clearly, yet did not interfere with the sound effects and voices in the foreground.


The Japanese cast did a nice job, with their voices flowing fluidly along with the video.

Some of the voices did not seem to fit their characters, even so did a great job. On the other hand, the English cast didn't do as well. May it be due to timing with the mouths because of translation or timing, a few didn't sound very good at all. Most of the voices matched up to their characters better, while some were a lateral change, sounding almost as the Japanese cast.


Subtitles: 7

The subtitles were a solid bright white color with a black outline, making it easy to read during Blue Remains. The placement is in the usual spot, on the bottom of the screen, giving just enough room to be displayed yet not interfere with the movie. The dialog seemed to fit with the subtitles most of the time.

Overall:  7.1

I did enjoy watching Blue Remains. At times the story seemed to go a bit on the slow side, but I believe it was equaled out by the chase scenes and great effects. Blue Remains had futuristic story in a post apocalyptic world, that makes you wonder what if it did happen. Blue Remains is a good movie that has a lot of room for improvement.


Written by: Blue Ghost