Card Captor Sakura

CardCaptor Sakura

This is an anime/manga by the famous girl group CLAMP. The story is fairly simple, a girl named sakura discovers a book full of magical cards. After opening the book she accidently scattered the cards all over her town and now she must collect them with the help of her assistant Kerberos which currently looks like a plush toy due to the scattering of the Clow cards. The version I watched was released by Pioneer long ago, It only carried subtitles. the presentation was great, each dvd came with a postcard of the current season when it was originally released. 


Video: 9


The video quality on these dvds where great, nothing really to write home about, but the only reason is because this anime was originally released back in 1998. The character design is fantastic, It's everything that we can expect from something done by CLAMP.


Sound: 9


The original japanese soundtrack. The voice actors are fantastic in this, everything is faithfull to the manga including sakura's little weird sounds are done perfectly by the japanese voice actress.


Overall: 9


One of the classics in the anime world. If you ever want to watch a magical girl anime, you should check this anime out, it has it all that you can except from a magical girl anime, cute animal sidekick, monsters, magical girl in weird outfits and even an older love interest.

Written by: Kei-Kei