Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show
Episodes 1-4
Approx: 100 minutes


Only one man knows how to find the legendary treasure hidden in the galaxy by the Pirate King. Nobody knows his real name because he has used too many aliases, so he is simply known as ‘Mister.’ There are a few organizations looking for Mister, Madame Marciano of the ‘Criminal Guild’ and the federal inspector Angelica Burns. Madame Marciano doesn’t exactly chase Mister herself, but she sends out her subordinates called the ‘Twelve Sisters.’ The Twelve Sisters are a group of completely ruthless assassins, who do anything in order to complete their mission. On top of everything else, he finds out the planet which the treasure is hidden on, is scheduled for destruction. Now Mister has to get to the treasure before it explodes and before he is caught by those chasing him.


DVD Extras include Production Artwork, the Clean Opening and Endings as well as other ADV previews.


Video: 8


The video quality was a bit on the dark side, though not hindering the viewer from being able to see what is going on. Nice fluid animation, nice character designs and lots of detail were used in Coyote Ragtime Show.


Sound: 8


The background music is mostly rock and jazz themes, which are quite upbeat and energetic. The languages offered are the usual Japanese and English tracks.


Subtitles: 8


The subtitles are a medium yellow font with a medium thick black outline. The English script was changed only slightly from the subtitled version.


Overall: 8


I really enjoyed watching Coyote Ragtime Show, and would love to see the rest of the series! One of the more interesting things to catch my eye was the ending sequence. The ending was created with stop motion of the characters, with a slower song in the background.

Written by: Blue Ghost