Darcrows: Pulling Strings

Darcrows: Pulling Strings
Approx: 30 min.


A man from the Carnia military disappeared during a war with the Ravens. After eight years, he returns to save his country. In order for him to raise the war funds, he uses the Queen and princesses of Carnia to sell their bodies. He trains them in the art of sex, in order to please his clients and gain more profit for his army.


DVD Features: Straight to Sex, takes you straight to the scenes; Trailers, clips of other hentai titles; Additional Titles; Photo Gallery, which did not seem to work for me; Bio’s, character descriptions and Bonus Footage, mostly images with voice over and little animation.


Video: 8


The animation was fairly smooth, nice colors and nice character designs.


Sound: 8


The voice actors did a good job with their characters.


Subtitles: 4


The subtitles are composed of a thick white font and a thin black outline. I did notice quite a few spacing issues with the subtitles, where some letters have overlapped another. Not to mention the name change from Captain Claud on the back of the DVD case, to Cloud in the show.


Overall: 6.7


Darcrows is definitely not for the viewing pleasure of kids. The story just seemed to have some holes in the plot, but I’m sure that’s not what you would be looking for to watch a show like this. I was disappointed that the photo gallery didn’t work, and I was hoping that it was just for the Angel Core disc. I tried 3 other types of media players to load the photo gallery, but no luck. Darcrows was an interesting watch, and didn’t contain a lot of repetitive frames to lengthen the scenes much.

Written by: Blue Ghost